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Is a camphor-based nontoxic substance that works against cancer, according to observations through a powerful microscope known as Somatoscope.  Gaston Naessens created both 714X and the Somatoscope.

Abdominoperineal Resection

The large bowel is cut above the cancer and the open end brought out of the abdomen.  The tumor and all the bowel from the tumor to the anus is removed and the anus sewn shut.  The patient then has bowel movements from an opening on his abdomen.


Is based on the theory that energy flows along specific pathways or "meridians" connecting the organs deep in the body with the acupoints on the surface of the body.  In diseased conditions, there is a breakdown of the free flow of energy.  By Piercing the skin at certain points, the energy flow is stimulated or sedated so as to restore the functioning equalibrium.


Adenocarcinoma in which some cells have undergone squamous metaplasia.  A cancer cell that looks scale like under a microscope.


A malignant adenoma arising from epithelium of a glandular organ.  A cancer which has its origin in the covering of an internal or external surface of the body.


Pert. to adenomas.  Pertaining to tumors arising form coverings of an internal or external surface of the body.


Swelling and morbid change in lymph nodes; glandular disease.  Swollen glands.


An expanded or winglike structure or appendage.  The ala of the nose is the cartilage, the bone-like material which gives the nost its shape.

Alkylating Agent

1.  A substance which introduces an alkylradical into a compound in place of a hydrogen atom.  2.  A chemotherapeutic agent capable of destroying human cells (cancer and non-cancer cells) at all stages in the cells life cycle.

AMAS test

Is a blood test used to detect the presence of cancer.  AMAS, which stands for "antimalignin antibody in serum," detects blood levels of an antibody that rises early in the course of most cancers.


Without melanin; unpigmented.


(Arthur morphologic immuno-status differential) Is a microscopic examination of leukocytes (white bloods cells) from specially prepared and stained thin blood films.

Amino Acid Therapy

Consists of inusions of protein to restore the body to a more natural condition.  It is used in some metabolic cancer programs.

Amma Therapy

Is a form of massage that combines Oriental medical principles concerning the balance and flow of energy with a Western approach to the healing of organ dysfunction.  The technique involves stretching, kneading, stroking, and percussion.


See Laetrile.


Compounds allow the conversion of nutritive material into the complex living matter in the constructive metabolism.


Pert. to anaplasia,  The change of a cell to a more-primitive type, often associated with cancer.


Is a painful progressive disease in which the vertebrea-the individual bones that make up the backbone-become fused together.

Anthroposophical Medicine

Developed by Rudolph Steiner, is a method of treating the whole body by addressing spiritual as well as physical aspects.  Medications including mistletoe (Viscum album) as well as a special diet, color therapy, artistic therapy, curative eurythmy (movement), and specially prepared baths are included.  It is widely available in special hospitals and clinics found mostly in Germany and Switzerland.


Are according to Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, are a class of comounds produced by the living organisms to protect it against neo-plastic (tumorous) growth through a nonimmunoligical process that does not significantly inhibit the growth of normal tissue.


Pert.  to the apex.


Is a giant plant from the Far East, also known as wormwood, that is believed to have cancer-killing abilities.


Is the active constituent of the herb Artemesia, which is believed to have cancer-killing abilities.


Tumor formed from astrocytes.  Astrocytes are star-shaped connective tissue cells in the brain and spinal cord.


Non-typical.  Deviation from normal.

Autogenous Vaccine

Is a vaccine derived from the patients own blood.


Is a treatment in which blood is withdrawn from the arm, infused with ozone, and returned to the body.  The goal is to regulate the immune system and decrease inflammation.

Autologous Vaccine

Is a cancer vaccine that derives antigens-substances that stimulate the production of antibodies-from the individual who is being treated with the vaccine.  These antigens occur only in cancer cells, and are specific to that individual patient.

Autoserum Therapy

Is the treatment of a disease though injection of the patients own blood serum.


Pert. to the axilla.  The armpit area.