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Cancer Victors Friends

How it began: By Ann Cinquina
Cecile Pollack Hoffman might have just as well chosen the cancer death sentence than the founding of her new organization for the struggle it brought into her life.

Sent home to put her “affairs in order”, because her breast cancer had now become metastatic, Cecile was not a lady to give up. She believed in her heart that there must be something else, perhaps a modality that was tucked away hidden on a pharmaceutical shelf somewhere. In a farewell visit to friends in Canada, she found what she had been looking for. It was called Laetrile or Vitamin B17. With nothing to lose, she began the program only to find that it was illegal in her home state of California. Once home and feeling stronger each day as a result of the new therapy, she decided to look for resources to medically produce Laetrile, not only for herself, but, for thousands of others who were in the same predicament. She sincerely believed, that this discovery would be met with cheers by the medical community. Instead, everywhere she went doors were slammed in her face. She had no choice, but to travel to Mexico where one of her favorite charities was located. It was there that her hopes for survival became a reality.

Once in Mexico, she discovered a doctor who would not only use the treatment on her, but would set up a laboratory to produce the natural drug made from apricot pits. Cecile was on her way to a newfound energy that would give her the strength to begin an organization to establish the whole concept of “freedom of choice” in medical treatment. Cecile, with her husband and close friends established, The International Association of Cancer Victims and Friends.( IACVF). Victims later was changed to Victors. The founding year was 1963 and the first group assembled in San Diego, California, the founder’s home town. As far as this lonely assemblage was concerned, there was no other group of this sort operating.

Hoffman, an accomplished pianist and English teacher held brain-storming sessions with her supporters and it was decided that they would fill the vacuum left by allopathic practitioners.

The organization was to form chapters throughout the world. These local groups were to bring speakers and other information to their members and were to provide support for the national office IACVF was to publish a periodical, then called the Cancer News Journal which has evolved to become the Cancer Victors Journal. The Journal was to research and publish information oftentimes suppressed elsewhere making it the first of its type. IACVF was to hold conventions and health meetings at least once a year featuring health professionals and educators based on the principles of alternative and/or complementary therapies. IACVF was to be a membership organization which entitles supporters to a subcription to the journal and referral information.

IACVF is a charitable, educational, non-profit, tax-deductible organization. Articles and other information published in the CANCER VICTORS JOURNAL, do not necessarily reflect the opinions of IACVF, its staff, editorial committee, board of directors or any persons affiliated directly or indirectly with IACVF.

Since its inception, the IACVF has observed many changes in medical practices. Alternative therapies are now being taught in major medical schools and more doctors are becoming informed of nutritional and ecological factors in the causation of cancer and other degenerative diseases. Patients have been given more rights and information concerning their conditions and smoking in some states is almost completely outlawed. We believe that our founder and her supporters have played an important role in the broadening outlook of medical practitioners. It has been noted that patients seeking to take control of their own condition and who seek alternative therapies are well-educated or of a higher socioeconomic status. These findings are according to studies conducted at the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center.

Cecile Hoffman lived seven years beyond her predicted death sentence and according to her autopsy report from her family she did not die of cancer. Her dream is a reality and her many fellow travelers have found joy in giving to suffering cancer victims, the legacy she has passed on to them. Her one-time opponents are now scrambling to get on the band wagon in the study and practice of alternative and/or complementary therapies. This is Hoffman’s grandest award, posthumous though it may be.