Via the Internet our goal is to be the most comprehensive online alternative cancer health source for therapies, clinic and physician search, member chats and discussion forums to keep our members on top of the latest news and alternative cancer information out there. We are also commited to the following overall:

- To promote and obtain through public education the legal release of humane and effective treatments for cancer victims.

- To secure for physicians the right to use non-toxic, beneficial therapies for all cancer victims.

- To establish a database of recovered patients having used alternative therapies.

- To give comfort, solace, information and release from fear to the cancer victim. To give hope to the layman that measures to restore normal body chemistry, withdrawal of all known carcinogens, and use of non-toxic materials      
that restrain and reduce tumor growth, coupled with non-radical surgical procedures, and will provide new patterns of treatment based on new research findings.

- To restore the cancer victim’s constitutional right to life and free choice of treatment and doctor.

- To further the application of research findings in the clinical treatment of cancer. Ways must be found to transmit the accumulated knowledge into practical methods of treatment in the hands of practicing physicians.

- To educate the public concerning cancer-causing factors in environment, food and drink.

- To teach and otherwise disseminate information concerning the systemic, metabolic and endocrine nature of cancer.

- To Institute an educational cancer-prevention program for farmers, food processors, food handlers, homemakers, physicians, industrialists etc.

- To contribute to the development of and to obtain legal release of laboratory tests which can detect body chemistry alterations which indicate the presence of cancer, or which precede the malignant state.

- To clarify and evaluate the current methods of treatment.

- To teach, lecture and otherwise disseminate information concerning the layman’s status with regard to cancer and his state and federal rights.

- To write, publish and disseminate literature on all aspects of the cancer epidemis.

- To foster freedom of medical and/or health research and education. To promote acquisition of new knowledge and also the correction of errors in cancerology no matter how authoritative and traditional these errors may be, nor what vested interests are involved.

To bring about through legislation or other means a freedom of medical practice so that the physician may freely choose the treatment or modality which his training, research and experience lead him to believe most effective.